We work to reduce Gender Gap in Financial Inclusion;

While great achievement has been made in terms of facilitating greater access to and use of financial services among undeserved populations, barriers to financial inclusion remain.

The continuous dialogue surrounding the financial inclusion gender gap that is to say, disproportionate exclusion of women from access to and usage of formal financial services, has increased as key stakeholders including financial service providers, regulatory bodies, policymakers, civil society entities, and consumers explore how best to engage prospective women customers and youths in ways that meet the needs of both consumers and providers situated within different market contexts.

YAGANET believes that empowering women, young girls and boys with financial literacy skills and knowledge on how to make informed financial decisions is a key success factor to ending gender gap.

More so, mentoring women and youths with business skills will enable them to be included in the labor force which could help reduce the financial inclusion gender gap. 

We are striving to do our best by working with grassroots women and youths in rural communities, and train them in financial literacy skills, Organise them to start Village Saving and Credit Associations (SACCOs), link them to other existing financial institutions and continuously training their members in group dynamics, book keeping, loan management and investments.

YAGANET has so far trained over 10,000 women, farmers, youths and refugees in financial literacy from rural communities of Uganda. And voluntarily contacted some skype based training to Financial literacy Ring trainers from Zambia through GIZ.


Young Agro-Green Africa Network (YAGANET) is an innovative social enterprise unleashing women and young people's potentials through financial inclusion, entrepreneurship development, and research to grow their incomes generating initiatives in a sustainable way. 


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