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Young Agro-Green Africa Network (YAGANET) was legalized in 2016 by Baluku Isaya

YAGANET was found in 2014 and formally registered in 2016 with a promise to scale up women owned informal small enterprises.


It was founded by Baluku Isaya with a promise to scale up women owned informal small enterprises.

He grew up and studied a herd way, lost his father in primary seven, left with a struggling mother who engaged in pancake vending business with limited access to even a loan, toiled to get him finish high school and got a teaching job. With dreams to reach college, he left his job with little savings and some bursary from one great a man who never knew me (Mr. Geir Prøven from Norway through Rwenzori Christian Vocation Secondary School) and joined University.


Little did he know his savings were not enough to finish second year, He made a hardest decision ever. Changed his study plan, divided the little remaining money and started a $50 business of vending yellow bananas, G-nuts & women clothes during day and later he joined evening lectures. He offered the balance of $83 to his mother to increase her small business; she decided to change from pancake vending to fish selling business which in fact paid much of his tuition until the end of his degree course. Since then, he embarked on the work of putting in a place a social platform for empowering women and youth with survival enterprises, hence, the formation of Young Agro-Green Africa Network-YAGANET.

We believe more women owning small survival enterprises just like how his mother was, need safe spaces to enable their business growth and be able take their children to school. And YAGANET  works to towards this fulfillment.

Our three program pillars 

Women and youth play a very important role in poverty eradication and improving the level of living. Since the overall level of education attainment among rural women and youth is low, their contribution is often limited to unskilled and manual work.

We train and impart business & managerial skills to women and youth needed to start and run a profitable farm and non-farm businesses.

Reduce Gender Gaps in financial Inclusion by

Empowering women, young girls and boys with financial literacy skills and knowledge to make informed financial decisions .​

Organise them into saving groups to enable access to finances for their enterprise scaling up.

We do research for evidence based interventions. We provide development and welfare support services including the expanded social package that influences rural underserved communities to improve among others services; community social and emotional support, and linkage to community agribusiness resources; Access to Safe Water for production, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Create ICT innovations for inclusiveness in agribusiness.


Our history


Young Agro-Green Africa Network (YAGANET) is an innovative social enterprise unleashing women and young people's potentials through financial inclusion, entrepreneurship development, and research to grow their incomes generating initiatives in a sustainable way. 


Plot 2269, 

Ntinda-Kigowa, Kampala



Kamaiba Road

Kasese Municipality 

Kasese District

P.O.Box 381


Tel; 256 752900190

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