We Engage in;

Entrepreneurship Development

YAGANET recognizes the enormous potential agribusiness and entrepreneurship skills have in translating the over 10 million young Africans entering the labor market annually.

We further recognizes that women and youth participation in Agri-business and entrepreneurship can be strengthened through innovative skills development and financial inclusion; such interventions will help Africa’s youth that are better educated to translate their skills into business innovations and initiate profitable ventures that will transform their local, regional and international economies.

Under this area, YAGANET focuses on training and imparting business and managerial skills to women and youth needed to start and run a profitable farm and non-farm businesses. We understand that managerial skills can be taught, but an entrepreneurial spirit cannot be taught.

"YAGANET’s Training in entrepreneurship aims at creating a Community Women and youth Led Resilience"

We realize there are many farmers and non-farmers already excellent managers and also have some of the spirit of an entrepreneur. As ‘price takers’ many farmers have developed outstanding abilities to make the most of their resources. But being ‘price takers’ suggests that these farmers are not innovative, do not take risks, and lack the drive that is usually associated with an entrepreneurial spirit, And this is what YAGANET do, to bridge this gap.


Young Agro-Green Africa Network (YAGANET) is an innovative social enterprise unleashing women and young people's potentials through financial inclusion, entrepreneurship development, and research to grow their incomes generating initiatives in a sustainable way. 


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Ntinda-Kigowa, Kampala



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